RV Towing Guides

RV Towing Guide

Before choosing the right trailer or fifth-wheel for your Alberta RV lifestyle, you need to start with the vehicle that you will be towing it with. Every year manufacturers publish the tow ratings of their vehicles, which let consumers know how much each vehicle can tow. These are based on things like engine and transmission type, among other things.

Luckily, we’ve assembled some of the most recent RV Towing Guides for you below!

You’ll need to make sure your vehicle is properly equipped. To tow the weight of your trailer, some vehicles might require a towing package, a higher gross vehicle weight rating, or a cooling package.

There are some other things you need to consider, as well.

Make sure the tow vehicle is equipped with tires that are properly rated for the load you plan to pull. You should also be sure that the tow vehicle’s hitch receiver is properly rated, and that the gross axle weight rating (GAWR) is sufficient.

The towing guides below list vehicles rated to tow at least 2000 pounds.

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