Top 10 RV Life Hacks

With our list of quick and easy RV life hacks, this will be the year you impress your friends with your seasoned summer skills. Gone are the days of struggling for storage space or sitting in the dark because a light went out. This no-brainer list of the top 10 RV life hacks will save you money on expensive accessories and guarantee good times on your next outing.

RV Life Hack #1 – Use Your Oven for Storage

Most campers are always looking for creative ways to bring more goodies along, even in the biggest RVs. After all, the more camping you plan on doing, the more stuff you might need, right? The oven is the perfect place to store your extra stuff – just make sure it’s turned off beforehand.

RV Life Hack #2 – Natural Mosquito Repellant 

While there are dozens of high-quality mosquito repellent devices and sprays, there are also some natural substances you can use in a pinch. Mosquitoes are notorious for disliking sage, tea tree oil, and lemon eucalyptus oil. We recommend keeping one or all of these on hand in case you run out of bug spray. In particularly mosquito-infested areas, having several ways to fend off hungry pests is always a good idea.

RV Life Hack #3 – Water Bottle Lantern 

Did your headlamp or flashlight burn out, with not a battery in sight? Consider it the perfect opportunity to flex your creative muscles. Take your smartphone and wrap it around a water bottle using tape or an elastic. The water will diffuse the light and create a perfectly illuminated stream for your viewing pleasure.

RV Life Hack #4 – Insulated Tumblers

Insulated tumblers are the next level in bougie camping. This summer, forget tepid beers and lukewarm mocktails. Insulated tumblers come in all shapes and sizes, so you can keep your drink cold all day long. There are dozens of brands, but if you are looking for the best, we highly recommend YETI. 

RV Life Hack #5 – Hanging Toiletry Bags  

If you have a family, that means you’re packing at least three unique sets of toiletries and that number just goes up as your family grows. That means multiple toothbrushes, face washes, etc. Instead of fighting over counter space or storing them in your individual bags, get a hanging family-sized toiletry bag. It can hang on the back of the bathroom door and everyone can have their own pocket. Space and convenience all in one.

RV Life Hack #6 – Indoor Homemade Fly Trap

With multiple trips in-and-out of the RV all day, the chances of unwanted flies getting inside are high. An easy way to get rid of them is adding some sugar, apple cider vinegar and sweet-smelling dish soap to a small bowl. Cover it with saran wrap to avoid spillage and be sure to poke a few holes so the flies can get in.

RV Life Hack #7 – Patio Awnings

Let this be the first summer you spend not sweltering in the heat. Invest in a patio awning for your RV. There are dozens of high-quality and affordable options out there including everything from flexible manual awnings to wireless controlled awnings. We offer a wide selection of different awnings that are easy to operate and will keep you and the gang cool all season long.

RV Life Hack #8 – Use an Onion To Clean Your Grille

Camping season inevitably means grilling season. But what if you forgot your grille brush? Try a white onion instead! (Yes – we’re serious).  Slice a white onion in half and face it downwards on an already-hot grille. Attach it to a fork and start sliding it up and down to clean and remove any unwanted debris.

RV Life Hack #9 – Get a Surge Protector

If you read our blog 10 RV Accessories Everyone Can Use, you probably know how important it is to have a surge protector on hand. They do an incredible job of protecting your RV in the event of a power surge. While this might not be considered a life hack, all the smartest RV owners roll with one. So be smart. Get a surge protector.

RV Life Hack #10 – Turkish Towels for The Win

Space is precious on any camping trip. So instead of packing towels for showering, washing dishes, beach stops, etc. why not buy a set of towels that can be used for everything? Turkish Towels are the newest thing in the RV community and make life so much easier. Check them out here. 

These Top 10 RV Life Hacks Will Make This Your Best Summer Yet

With these proven RV life hacks, make this summer season your best yet. These are just some of the many recommendations that can make your life stress-free on the road. To talk with our experienced parts team, contact us today!


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