RV Services You’re Probably Avoiding … That You Shouldn’t

Making sure your RV gets in for regular servicing appointments is an important part of RV ownership. Not only does regular RV maintenance help your RV last longer, but it also means less stress the next time you hit the road. And while maintenance costs might feel annoying or avoidable in the moment, they actually help prevent much more expensive RV repairs in the future. That’s why it’s so important that we fill you in on our recommended RV services you might be avoiding … but shouldn’t.

We get it… the fun part of planning your summer adventures is packing the groceries and gear, not booking a service appointment. But avoiding these essential RV services puts you at a huge risk for emergency repairs later on.

RV Roof Inspection

We recommend inspecting your RV roof every three months. Check for any open seams on the roof edges, vents, or air conditioning. If there are water leaks left unchecked, the moisture will seep through your ceiling panels and eventually cause massive water damage. Checking your roof seals regularly will help you avoid extensive water damage and save you thousands of dollars in repairs.

RV Battery Inspection

Most RV batteries last anywhere between 3-5 years. It never hurts to get your battery checked early, though. Nothing is worse than being out in the middle of nowhere only to wake up with a dead RV battery.

RV Slide Out and Seal Inspection

An RV slide out is the cut-out portion of your RV that expands, making more space for you and your guests inside. In most new RVs, the slide out system is operated by a hydraulic or electrical system. We recommend cleaning in between the seals on a regular basis. This stops dirt and debris from piling up.

While you’re able to inspect and clean the slide outs yourself, our certified RV technicians are thoroughly trained and have experience testing slide outs, cleaning slide walls, lubricating the seals and inspecting all the applicable hydraulic lines to ensure proper operation of your control board.

Tire Wear and Suspension Check

Temperature changes can cause your RV tire pressure to fluctuate. So, if your RV has been parked all winter long, the pressure may have dropped significantly.

Be careful not to over inflate your tires, either. If overinflated, your tires could explode, causing serious damage to your RV and, in the worst-case scenario, lead to an accident.

Before you head out this summer, be sure to have your tire pressure checked as well as your lug nuts. Lug nuts that are too loose could cause you to lose a wheel mid-drive. Finally, consider having your RV suspension checked as well. A well-maintained suspension system makes for a smooth riding experience.

Filter Changes

While regular oil changes are an important part of your RV service routine, don’t forget to have your filters checked, too! That includes your RV air, fuel, and coolant filters. Having them changed with your oil is common practice and will protect your engine and drivetrain from excessive wear.

Refer to Your RV Owners’ Manual

While most RV services are standard across the board, specific RVs require different services at different times. We highly recommend consulting your owners’ manual after purchasing your RV. There, you will find all the important maintenance information you need, as well as a recommended outline for servicing.

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