5 Myths About Buying RV’s… Debunked

There are a few essential things every person should know before they consider purchasing their first ever RV. While there is a lot of helpful information out there, there are also a lot of untruths about owning an RV. This post will break down the 5 most common myths about buying an RV and explain the important must-knows before you start RV shopping.

Myth #1: You Need a Special License to Drive an RV

False. This is one of the most common myths about buying an RV: do I need a special license to drive an RV in Alberta? Generally speaking, you can drive an RV, fifth-wheel or motorhome across Canada with a normal driver’s license.

Insider Tip: Sometimes there are specific licensing requirements that need to be met, depending on the size and weight of the RV. To be safe, we always recommend contacting your local registry office and confirming with them before signing the dotted line.

MYTH #2: Any Truck Can Tow an RV

False. Every vehicle has a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating that tells drivers how much weight they can pull behind them. This is commonly referred to as towing capacity.

For example, the 2021 Ford F-150 has a maximum towing capacity of 14,000 lbs., which means it can tow an RV weighing up to that much, but not anything heavier. If you tow beyond the maximum towing capacity of the vehicle, you can cause serious damage to your engine in addition to risking an accident on the road.

Before you start shopping for a new RV, make sure you know the maximum towing capacity of your truck and shop within those limits.

Insider Tip: It’s also important to know the payload capacity of your truck, which is the total cargo weight that you can add to your truck. Payload can be anything from a truck bed full of lumber to several passengers and a bunch of grocery bags.

MYTH #3: A Four-Seasons Camper Will Be Warm All Year Long

False. No matter what type of RV you decide to purchase, it cannot withstand long periods of freezing temperatures on its own. Water lines will eventually freeze and burst, and even with extra insulation, you will start to feel cold inside.

So how do you outfit your new rig for the winter months? We highly recommend purchasing an RV with a cold weather upgrade package in addition to a selection of accessories that will help keep you warm all winter long.

We also suggest winterizing your RV, but more on that later.

Myth #4: RVs Are Always Expensive

False. If you plan on purchasing an RV with every luxury amenity available including everything from a large-screen TV to a stone spa shower (yes, you read that right), then plan on forking out some serious dough. But these days, there are hundreds of affordable RV options for buyers.

At Go RV, we have RVs starting as low as $6,000 and up and offer a wide variety of payment options.

Myth #5: RVs Are for Longer Trips

False. This is another of the most common myths about buying an RV. It’s simply not true! While an RV makes the perfect companion for a summer full of multi-day adventures, they are also a great addition to any trip, even the short ones.

If you plan on sticking close to home this summer season, there are plenty of RV options that will make this summer season your best yet.

The Truth About RVs

The truth is, purchasing an RV is an investment. They take time to maintain and need to be serviced regularly. They also come with yearly costs including everything from your insurance payments to fuel and camping supplies (lucky for Alberta RV owners, we provide these for free!). But once you have a handle on the basics of RV ownership, the opportunities for adventure are endless.

Have a question about RV ownership or want to debunk another of the common myths about buying an RV? Contact us today!

Our team of RV specialists are happy to help. Shop our entire inventory of new and pre-owned RVs online or visit us today at one of our three convenient Alberta locations. 

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